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Conoscenza Academic System

Sci-Sageza presents a blended learning solution for schools; Conoscenza Academic  System (CAS) is bringing a comprehensive Academic Management solution DOTS – to provide the benefits of blended learning environment using flip-class and rotation lab model. DOTS caters top, middle and operational layers of users with cloud and server integration. DOTS is not another LMS, it’s an Academic Management Solution for distance learning setups.

DOTS Ecosystem  

An institute as a corporate entity is dealing with HR, Financials, Performance Evaluation and many more processes which are integral part of evolution. DOTS caters such processes which are linked to academia.  DOTS caters the institutional needs linked to academic operations using flip class room model. It provides multiple modes to faculty and students for self-paced learning based on knowledge sharing & exchange. 

- Accessibility - Knowledge - Successability -


Content Management


DOTS is providing moodle based content management component which is efficient and provides standard features to cater academic contents.

Quality Assurance


DOTS has engaged multiple layers of quality assurance including plagiarism checking, command identification, prohibition functions to ensure ethical norms.

Online Admission


DOTS caters the global admissions as it provides in-person and remote learning options, admissions are online with analytics to assist and planning semester operations.

Parents Module


DOTS takes parents along in their child's academic journey. From attendance to behavioural analysis all reports are shared with parents.

Online / Recorded Delivery


DOTS is equipped with multiple delivery modes, it can be live streaming or recorded material available for self-paced learning.  Rich plug-in options make the experience more adaptable as per user's preference.

Performance Measures


Faculty or student performance is not limited to exams, DOTS has incorporated cognitive performance measures to tap dedication, behaviour and contribution analysis for a holistic picture of performance

Self Paced Schedule


Scheduling is manageable, time barred schedule can be deployed while scholar may use a flexible self-paced schedule that is ideal for professionals engaged in skill development programs.

Faculty Assistance


Course development and operationalization is focused to provide maximum assistance to faculty members. Paper setting, evaluation and checking is also supported by rubrics to engage versatile evaluation methods. 

Online Examination


DOTS provides large scale online examination using Cloud virtualization, various tools and mechanisms are available for a transparent, safe and secure experience.

Business Management


Institute as a corporate entity requires an effective system in place.  Its human resource management, performance measures, fee collection or fine recording, all are available in DOTS.


DOTS modular architecture provides multiple operational modes for stable and secure execution of tasks in Conoscenza Academic System.  Connecting various knowledge DOTS makes a complete academic system, watch our administrative, faculty and student video tours to have a clear glimpse of DOTS operations. Mode manuals are also available with step by step DOTS connection. 

DOTS Ecosystem

Our 3-tier deployment model WIN is your success story



Make your institute a digital reality by using web-to-consumer framework.  Taking your services, products and innovation to a larger and vibrant market.


Infusion Service Model

In our virtual world, static business models are inefficient, a contineous specturm model that infuses provider and requirer to make their models for services and products to maximize productivity and mutual benefits.


Nesting Growth

Virtual world is not a vertical or horizontal growth, it is our nesting growth model which develops the knowledge base as your knowledge asset for a stable and long-term growth.

Conoscenza Academic System

CAS model extends virtualization benefits from individuals to small, medium and large institutions. DOTS is the practical implementation of CAS as a software product. Multiple teaching and evaluation models along with analytics can be configured using CAS that means a vast range of features and functions are part of this model to ensure quality learning experience for all stakeholders.



As an individual tutor, you can develop your courses and conduct classes to a broader audience with multiple evaluation methodologies according to your subject and teaching mechanism. Be a part of intellectual community of Conoscenza to exchange knowledge and to expand literacy network.


Multi-Faceted Modelling

Distance learning, virtual learning, online learning, blended learning and many more jargons and mechanism are available with pros and cons. CAS is the model that incorporates utmost flexibility to configure learning model according to the user choice and requirements.  


Growth Management

CAS provides core managerial facilities beyond a standard learning management system.  Conoscenza Academic System focuses on three basic managerial pillars i.e. human resource, financials and performance. This hybrid approach makes CAS a managerial model to monitor growth and other key performance indicators.


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